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-Race Schedule 2012-2014

November 2012: Hike Machu Picchu, Peru (8,000 Fett Above Sea Level) 

August 2013: Top of Delaware Triathlon  

October 2013: Cape Sprint Triathlon

Fall 2014: 100 Mile Ride 



-Favorite workout – Biking, swimming, and elliptical are favorites because I can put in maximum effort without physical pain, but I do like doing 5k’s with my husband..even though he kicks my ass every time!

-Favorite food – Anything without a face or a spine, particularly Indian and Italian, and anything with dark chocolate

-Favorite workout song/artist – When I really need inspiration Mary J. Blige  “Work That”, Whitney Houston club remix of “I didn’t know my own strength”, or Eminem “Lose Yourself”, but lately Flo Rida has been making me very happy!

Personal Bio:  Walter and I live in Rehoboth with our 2 dogs, Bonnie and Clyde. I was a professional ballroom and Latin dance teacher/competitor in the 80’s, but for the last 10 years, my work entails sitting at a desk all day. I am unbelievably blessed in my work life, but it can be VERY high stress.  I balance it with yoga and meditation, and I never realized that fitness training and racing could integrate so seamlessly into that path. I am amazed at how I am moving through mental and physical obstacles, and watching fear dissolve again and again, at deeper and deeper levels. The training is deepened by the yoga and the yoga is deepened by the training….perfection!!

I am so grateful to Kevin and all of his athletes who are so wonderfully supportive and inspiring.  I absolutely cannot fathom that I will have a bio on your “athletes” page...if you told me 8 months ago that, even as a novice, that this reformed couch potato would be classified as an athlete, I would have laughed my ass off and had you committed.