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Individual Coaching Programs 
Monthly Fee: $145

Are you looking for a personalized approach to coaching? We can offer that. All Tricoach athletes pay a monthly fee of $145.

Our training plans are designed around the athlete's goals, time availability, and ability levels. Having a coach to guide you through your race season is the best way to reach your goals.
For our clients we offer an additional 1 on 1 training sessions for an additional $60/session.
Here is an example of our fee scale.

-Clients having 1 training session with a Coach a month pay: $205/month
-Clients having 2 training session with a Coach a month pay: $265/month

*Athletes with 1-2 monthly sessions can attend group classes at a discount




-Clients having weekly training session with a coach/trainer pay $365/month
-Clients having 2 training session each week with a coach/trainer pay $585/month
-Clients having 3 training sessions each week with a coach/trainer pay $695/month 
*Athletes with weekly coached training sessions or more can attend group Tricoach group session for no fee 

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Additional Coaching Services:


Cost:  $50 - $100

 Other coaching services such as, swim stroke assessments, run analysis, bike fits, open water swim sessions, latcate testing and personal training are priced hourly.  You can find out more information about these services at the link below.


"Aditional Coaching Services"