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Bike Fitting:        $100 Session
TriCoach offers a professional fitting service that will allow athletes the ability to improve Power Output, Comfort, and Aerodynamics.  Sessions 90-120 minutes.


Body angles will be measured to identify ideal position


Flexibility testing, cleat adjustments, and body measurements will be used to find the most ideal bike position for each individual athlete.


Certifications:        SICI Certified Fitter, USAT Level II Certified Coach


Here is an example of the information you will get after the fit.

                       Performance Fit                    
Ideal Bike Geometry (New Bike)                        Current Bike Geometry  
Seat Tube: 77.5-78 degrees                           Seat Tube: 73 degrees          
Head Angle: 72.5-73 degrees                         Head Angle: 72 degrees       
Head Tube Length 100-120 mm                       Head Tube Length 90 mm  
Top Tube: 52.5-53 cm                                       Top Tube: 54 cm                  
Stem Length: 90-100 mm                                 Stem Length: 120 mm          
                                                Pre Fit                                    Post Fit
Knee Angle:                       156degree                   148degree
Knee/Pedal:                      +5cm                           +2cm
Torso Angle:                          113degree                   115degree
Hip Angle:                              40degree                     48degree
Arm Angle:                            115degree                   105degree
           Bike Measurements:                                                                               
                                                                     Prefit                          Postfit
SaddleMid Point – BB                                 70cm                           69cm
Nose Saddle – BB                                          65cm                           64cm
Nose Saddle – Mid Point Stem                                   52cm                           53cm              
Nose Saddles – Brakes                                 75cm                           75cm
Nose Saddle – Shifters                                   68cm                           68cm
Seat Angle                                                      -10.2                            -10.2
Saddle – Stem Drop                                       10.5                             9cm
      Saddle Rail Position                                      7.5cm (4cm)                7.5 (2cm)