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Heart Rate Test Set:        $75/Session
-Progressive Heart Rate Test Sets are conducted to determine an athletes training zones.  Once an athletes has a guideline to train by their results will always improve.  Train smarter not harder... 


Training in correct heart rate zones will allow athletes to get the most out of their workouts.  Sessions will last 60-90 minutes.  Power (Watts) are used in bike heart rate test sets and treadmill or track workout is used for the run.  


Example: Progressive Heart Rate Test Set (Bike) 

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Heart Rate Zone:                                                                              Name:

Max HR:                      208 BPM                     Resting HR:                  50 BPM

Zones:                                                                 BIKE         Run          

Zone #1           Recovery Workouts:                                      102-122           114-135

HR should be between 55%-65% of MAX HR.  It is a very comfortable pace.  It will be used to recover from hard workouts (Zone 4-5) and as warm ups.


Zone #2           Lower Aerobic Workouts:                             122-138           136-151

HR should be between 65%-72% of MAX HR.  This pace will be used for the majority of your bike workouts during swimming season.  You are building your aerobic capacity in Zone 2. 


Zone #3           Upper Aerobic Workouts:                             139-152           152-167

HR should be between 73%-80% of Max HR.  This pace is used to build your aerobic capacity as well as increase you strength more so than in Zone 2.


Zone #4           Aerobic No Zone (Uptempos):                       153-164           168-178

HR should be between 81%-85% of MAX HR.  This pace is the No Zone because you are breaking your body down with out seeing the maximum benefit.  For now stay out of the No Zone except for Uptempo workouts.


Zone #5           Threshold Workouts:                                     164 - 190         178 - 199

HR should be between 85%-95% of MAX HR.  This pace is for interval workouts, the last part of up-tempos, and VO2 Max Workouts.  You will only see this zone once a week to once every 10 days (May-be twice a week later on but not for a while). 

Spend short intervals in this zone 30 seconds – 2:00 minutes (use full recovery time.