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 Jackie Cooper


As a 55 year old age grouper, I have many years of running and duathlon races and five years of triathlon races. I never in my wildest dreams imagined the results that I have achieved in my first year of training with Coach Kevin Danahy at TriCoach!

I started the season with a marathon-qualifying time for Boston and ended my season on a full distance Ironman podium; to say I am pleased with the training is a vast understatement. I have improved my triathlon times immensely! 
Coach Kevin is amazingly talented: in training, understanding body positions/weaknesses as well as how to correct them and he really understands personalities and motivators as well. I never thought I would find everything I needed as an older athlete in one coach and Coach Kevin is definitely the coach that exceeds all my athletic aches/pains and needs! I should not be surprised, take a look at his background and certifications.

My workout plans were challenging, yet I never felt they were too much to accomplish. The flexibility to change things around yet finish the entire plan have helped to have a "life" during full distance Ironman training in addition to the podium finishes. There are so many times I have completed a training session or crossed the finish line and thought "Coach Kevin is a genius!" 
I cannot wait for next season! If you are looking for results, I highly recommend Kevin!





  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I have always been very skeptical of hiring coaches for triathlon as I have seen many injuries occur and dangerous habits carried out. I have recently moved to Rehoboth Beach and realized to reach my goals I would require the assistance and expertise of a coach. Coach Kevin Danahy is not only an established coach and successful athlete, he offers something, in my opinion, that is even more important: his extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology. With a Masters in Exercise Science, Kevin brings to the table an understanding of the human body and biomechanics that gives me the security and peace of mind that I will not only achieve my goals, but I will cross the finish line with minimal risk of injury, and in my world - that is priceless. Thank you Kevin, and here is to the first season of many!

J. Visintainer PT,DPT,CMP,CKTP

Pivot Physical Therapy
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Mulligan Practitioner
Certified Kinesiotape Practitioner




"I have been training with TriCoach since 2012. Bruce and Kevin have coached me from a back-of-the-pack weekend 5k runner to an Ironman podium finisher! I have competed in many triathlons in the U.S. and abroad, and was selected to be part of the TriBike Transport team in 2016. Presently, Bruce is coaching me for Ironman Lake Placid - my 3rd Ironman. As a 63 year old grandmother of 9, TriCoach has helped me to become the athlete that I always wanted to be!" 

Betsy Tootell 



"I have worked with Bruce Clayton of TriCoach since 2015. 
My initial goals were to lose weight, improve my balance,
and increase my overall physical fitness.
I have achieved this and more!
I have competed in numerous races from 5ks to half marathons,
and, in 2016, competed in my first sprint triathlon!
I plan to continue expanding my goals, and I'm having a great time with
the TriCoach tribe.
Thanks to Coach Bruce - At 57, I finally feel like I'm living a balanced life."
Sandy Spangler 





"I have been training with TriCoach since February, 2015, when my husband bought a gift certificate for a one-on-one training session with Bruce Clayton. My goal at that time was to lose weight.  That one session led to consistent weekly sessions, signing up for 5k runs and morphing into open water swimming (first the bay and then the ocean), and biking which led to my first sprint triathlon. I also recently ran my first half-marathon. At 53 years old, these were not goals initially, but as the training became more broad, it seemed to be a normal progression. While I have always been "allowed" to go at my own pace, Bruce challenges me and provides great support and advice. TriCoach rocks!"

 Kristan Trugman 




"When I moved to Delaware after signing up for my first full distance Ironman, I was worried that I would be training solo. Luckily, a local member of the running community recommended  TriCoach to me, and a week before my move, I was on the phone with Bruce Clayton discussing my triathlon plan. He not only got me through to the finish line of my first Ironman, but also helped me achieve a half-marathon PR and overcome my fear of swimming in the ocean. I am looking forward to many more miles and PRs in the future with TriCoach!" 
Erin Johnson 


"Three years ago this week, I was racing in the Dover Du for the second time. When I did worse than my first time, I decided I needed a new coach. I asked a friend, Betsy Tootell, if she knew anyone I could contact.  Betsy gave me Coach Bruce Clayton's phone number, and I contacted him. That was the beginning of my TriCoach association. Coach Bruce has turned me into an athlete.  My swimming, biking, and running skills have greatly improved. With Coach Bruce's programs, I have finished my first ocean triathlon.  I have PR'd in many races, and I know that would not have been possible on my own.  If you want to be a better athlete, and improve your skills, reach out to Bruce Clayton at TriCoach."
Dee Carmean 



"Kevin Danahy provided me with a custom bike fitting prior to the 2013 USAT Olympic Distance National Championship in Milwaukee, WI.He was quite thorough and meticulous in his approach to this process. 
I noticed the improvement in my very first training ride following the fitting. 
At Nationals, I set a PR on the 40k bike course, and had plenty left in my legs
for the 10k run to follow. I feel that Kevin's bike fitting service contributed 
substantially to my success at Nationals. I encourage anyone who is serious
about a faster bike split to contact Kevin for a custom bike fit."
Lance Fargo
USAT Olympic Distance National Champion Clydesdale 40 and over



"I just wanted to take a moment to thank Coach Bruce Clayton of TriCoach for his coaching for the past 8 months. I was the swimmer in an Ironman distance relay. While I had completed my first IM distance in 2012,  swimming has always been my most challenging modality.  He really did a gret job providing me with a different swim workout regularly. In addition to the swim focus, he provided me with a well rounded weekly program of cycling, running, and strength.  He was always available for additional one on one.  He was spot on where I needed to be with my training.  I would definitely recommend Coach Bruce, whether you're a seasoned triathlete, or a newbie.  His knowledge and enthusiasm will get you to the finish line!"
Cindi Spencer
Triathlete and Massage Therapist





 I am very very happy with the coaching you have done for me..... 


In 2007 I was involved in a motorcycle accident that put me in a coma for 7 weeks. I had just started doing triathlons, sprints only, before the accident and vowed from my wheelchair to someday return to them. I slowly began to try running, biking and swimming but it was all harder for me to do then before the accident. I first found Kevin by searching for a running analysis to try to improve my running gait. He changed my style to help alleviate some of the problems I had from the brain injury and also orthopedics injuries.


Since I started working with Kevin I have hit multiple personal bests including before the accident.  I would highly recommend Kevin for any coaching service.


Corey Davis

Berlin, MD



 In 2010 I was out of shape and couldn’t swim 50 meters and after watching a triathlon in person I decided to make a change.  After meeting with Kevin, we developed a plan that met my goals and schedule.  6 months later I completed my first sprint triathlon and have continued to work my way up to Olympic and Half Iron triathlons.  

I now race four to five triathlons a year and train year round.  I’m confident with my fitness level and preparation entering each event because of Kevin’s training plans.  If I have questions or concern, Kevin is a call or email away with the answer.  As I continue to build towards my first full ironman and I know I will be ready because of Kevin’s coaching.  If you want to achieve your personal best, look no further than Kevin Danahy.


Tim Naylor

Carlisle, Pa




 "It's great looking back through the training log and realizing that I wasn't able to push 300 watts in my 30 second sprint intervals last year, but now I am able to maintain over 300 across multiple 10 min intervals! Thanks Kevin Danahy!! Only 3 weeks to go until my first Ironman!!"


Kyle Williams

Wilmington, DE



I had never planned on having a coach. After reading a Couch to 5K article I decided to run. I had no idea what I was doing. After a year of "closet" running I decided to celebrate by entering my first 5K. I loved it and I ran more and more, setting my sites on finishing the year with the local 1/2 marathon. As time went on I began having pain, enough that I was forced to get help. I tried advice from friends, physical therapists, yoga, and finally the doctor. It only got worse, it was almost impossible to even walk.


I ran the race but knew if I wanted to continue to run I needed help. It had to be from someone who knew what I was wanting and from someone that had knowledge and experience. That was Kevin Danahy.


Kevin began working with me each week, making a schedule to fit my needs, planning it around my family and work obligations while still keeping it challenging and fun.  Many times I found the workouts to be very strenuous but he never asked me to do anything more than I could handle. He has varied the exercises, and added biking and swimming in addition to running. Swimming was especially challenging to me but Kevin is extremely patient and kind.


Just four months after training with Kevin I was able to complete a 50K trail run, a sprint triathlon and an ocean swim biathlon in addition to running faster than I ever had before. I have never felt better and know that I have made one of the very best decisions in my life when I contacted Kevin.

Another added bonus is that I have met the most amazing, fun and supportive bunch of people in the TriCoach program. Together we are able to share experiences and fears, train together and just have a great time.


I am so excited when I think of the future possibilities. I am proud to say I am coached by Kevin Danahy.


Luann Goldfarb

Rehoboth Beach DE



Before I hired Kevin seven years ago, I was running just to run and now I train to compete in marathons and Ironman. I had also never swam a day in my life before hiring him and he has the video to prove it. Since then, I have completed 24 marathons and completed Ironman in Louisville, Couer d'Alene, and Arizona. I have won Masters, Overall and Age Group in so many 5K'S, 10K"s and Half Marathons  and Marathons that it is just too many to name. I truly appreciate the knowledge, training and support that Kevin has given me to get me through all my races. If you have a goal and you want to achieve it, YOU NEED KEVIN!!
Brandt M Chi
Rehoboth Beach, DE.


I have been participating in triathlons for six years now.  I started in 2006 after watching my brother complete his first Ironman in Lake Placid 2005.  Despite never having had a bike, I signed up for and finished Ironman Lake Placid 2006.  The next three years, I spent working at swimming, biking, and running to varying degrees and using my races as opportunities to travel.  I tried to get better each year, which meant that I would always do more training than I did the last time… whether it was by the week or by the year.  I figured more volume would ensure my finish time was faster than the last.  For the most part, this worked as I went from an 11:12 Ironman time to a 10:27 Ironman time in three years.  Good right?  Kind of… the problem was that the top finishers in my age group were also improving as well, so I was not getting that much closer to feeling like I was competitive.  Plus, I was not enjoying the process because I was on an unsustainable path of death by volume!  Enter TriCoach….


In 2010, sensing there was more to do, I decided to take triathlon a little more seriously and hire a coach.  Over the winter, I met with Kevin to interview him for the job and I explained my goals, or my only goal.  I told Kevin that in 2011, I wanted to qualify for Kona…. Period.  I told him that if I hired him, he would have to be emotionally invested in that goal and if we were not ready for it, then it would not work out.  Without any hesitation, he said lets get to work!  We did and after 18 months of working with Kevin, what do I have to show for it?  First off, I will be competing in my first Ironman World Championships in October of 2012.  Check…  Also, I credit Kevin’s guidance for personal best times over the last 18 months in the following events: 5K, 10-miler, half marathon, olympic distance triathlon, half ironman, and ironman (two PRs in 2011 by over 25 minutes each). 

What does Kevin do that is so special?  For me, he offers a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to setting up your training and racing season.  Kevin strikes the right balance between exertion and recovery and makes you accountable to the work.  Kevin has always been very accessible and is always thinking about the little things as well as the big picture planning.  Hiring a coach is a very personal decision, but for me TriCoach works… the results speak for themselves.    

Jared Tootell
Hoboken NJ


Hello all,

The technology previously only available to the best cyclists in the world is now trickling down to hackers like myself. And my only regret is that I waited this long to walk my bike around the corner to see Kevin. A few hours, which was just too much fun, and the results are amazing. My TT position was more suited to Ironman comfort than 40k fast, and the difference is significant. Post fit I gained 16 more watts with no change in effort. Not a lot? That is .5 mph faster, which is the difference between 10th and 3rd in a USA Cycling 40k TT.


Personal Goal for the season was a top 3 finish in a USA cycling event, was less than a minute away on several occasions. How psyched am I for next season, knowing the potential? My last event was the Deep Blue TT in Augustine Beach DE, which I considered way too short for my strengths, but would be a perfect test for the new position. I had the highest placement of the season, still no podium but climbing up there, and the highest average speed I have ever seen (26.1 mph in the last 6 miles)

"True confidence is real proof of ability." And these results are real, the wind tunnel proves it to you. Free speed! Of course it is not "free" but how much did you spend on your wheels? It is highly likely you are not getting the most out of your significant investment of both time and money if your aero position is less than ideal for your distance and goals.  Anyone who wants to get faster needs to do this, and don't we all fall into that category? Kevin and aerofit mobile offer an amazing product and we are incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity right here.

Good luck everyone and Thank you Kevin,

Paul Timmons / Owner The Firm
803 Rehobth Ave / Rehoboth Beach DE
(302) 227-8363


Since working with Kevin, I have taken 2 ½ minutes off of my 5k time, 9 minutes off of my 10 mile time and an hour and a half off of my Ironman time.


Kevin makes challenging, but realistic training plans for me. He works his plans around my goals.  He is regularly in contact with me to see how my training is going. I work out with him, one on one, once a month.  He works around my busy schedule and my hectic life.


Kevin is great with athletes of all abilities. He works with people who are training for their first triathlon and others who have completed many Ironman races. I would highly recommend Kevin Danahy and Tri-Coach to anyone training for a running race or a triathlon.
Mary Beth Evans
Owner Rehoboth Beach Running Company


Kevin Danahy of Tricoach is my triathlon coach. Before working with Kevin, I tried to follow other race plans and training programs with my friends. I always seemed to be inconsistent with my workouts and on race day I was not prepared at all. I was fortunate to meet Kevin through a swimming class he designed for some other clients he was coaching. I was thrilled to learn that he could provide me with not only a training program, but also the individualized attention to help me achieve my athletic goals. His own achievements and his power of example is inspiring. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to help me achieve success is really amazing. He is patient and a great listener. Instead of just talking about it, I recently completed a half ironman race.  I felt prepared and amazing the whole race.
I have improved my times dramatically in swimming, biking and running!
I feel very fortunate to be coached by Kevin.
Liz Guida CMT, NCTMB
One Spirit Massage
Rehoboth Beach, DE


Hi Kevin,

I only met with you for one session, but you have no idea how you helped me. I met with you because I fell during one of my rides and broke my collar bone and shoulder. I was ridding scared, and I also felt like I could do better, it was like something was missing. I was afraid to use bike shoes and my foot kept slipping off the peddle. You suggested bike shoes without clips and maybe down the road new peddles. After I left you I immediately went to the bike shop,changed peddles, one side clips in if you wish the other is flat. I bought new shoes with clips, but I still do not clip. I began to practice the routines we did every chance I got.


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your time and consideration. You made me feel like I could really be better, you didn't make me feel like at seventy I should be glad to just ride. You listened to me and I felt like you understood I could be better at ridding. Thanks to you I did complete 62 miles at the Amish bike ride in Dover (I signed up for the 50), and Saturday I completed 100 miles at the Seagull Century 2011. I really mean "thank you". I am sure if I didn't meet with you in June, I would still be ridding scared.

I will come to see you again after my knee replacement in December. Until then, ride safe and thank you.




I wanted to let you know that I learned more from you than the entire summer swimming with the Master Swim.  Though I made progress there it was not the same as the one on one I received from your coaching.   
I sure wish I would have come to see you sooner.

Lisa M. Carlisle



I started training with Kevin in January, to prepare for Ironman Lake Placid.  I was a terrible swimmer (I didn't even know how to swim freestyle) and my running wasn't the best.  But with Kevin's guidance I have become more comfortable in the water and more determined to get better. 
Kevin's coaching has given me new confidence that I can achieve the things I want in life, and one of those is completing an Ironman.  He's always there to tell me that I can do better, to believe in myself and to be a success.  I don't think I would be where I am today, on the verge of accomplishing something that I thought was impossible a year ago, without Kevin's guidance. 
Thank you, Kevin.
Meyer Persow



Thanks again for your time Kevin.

Reviewing the video as well as working with you in the water has given me a lot to consider for improvement. I wasn’t sure how much could be accomplished in only two sessions, but your quick analysis, critique, and subsequent instruction were right on point and should be a big help to me for Dewey and for training in general.

Jon Subity



I feel very fortunate for having found Kevin Danahy of TriCoach.  I came to Kevin after leaving a very different fitness program that was not a good fit for me due to several serious injuries related to an underlying medical diathesis.  Before starting with Kevin, I had no endurance exercise background or training in endurance sports.  
I knew that I needed a fitness goal and a competent and experienced trainer with whom to work. Since starting with Kevin, I have made more progress in a few short months than I had in the previous year.  The personal weekly schedule keeps me on track and motivated.  With all the fitness “choices” we have these days, it is important to find a trainer who is an educated, experienced professional.  
I would recommend TriCoach services to anyone who is looking to step things up to meet personal fitness goals.  
Alisha Melesky



In June of 2009 I had decided to finally address my health and fitness and get serious about getting in shape. Weighing in over 100 lbs overweight, I began a journey to lose the weight and improve my fitness. After losing 70lbs I had entered my first sprint triathlon and was instantly hooked. At that point, I knew I wanted to take my fitness and health to the next level, I began the search for a coach that specialized in triathlons.  At the end of 2010 I starting working with Tricoach and enrolled in the Preferred Program. My main goals were losing my final 30lbs and completing several events, including my first Olympic distance and Half Ironman triathlon.

Over the next year I lost the last 30 lbs. and made more progress than I had ever made in the previous 15 years. I not only completed each and every event I entered but  I did so well I actually qualified for the USA Triathlon National Championship for my age group.  I would have never thought that was possible! So, I have signed up for another three months with Tricoach in preparation for the championship and again taking my fitness to the next level!  I would never have experienced the joy and freedom my improved fitness has provided without the encouragement, support and coaching I’ve received from Tricoach!  Thanks Kevin!

Rich Briden

Wilmington DE



I am turning 50 this year and had really let myself go physically. I was 70lbs overweight and had started thinking of myself as “too old” to get fit. I wanted to hike Machu Picchu with my husband for my 50th Birthday, but knew I was not in any physical condition to do so. A friend of mine introduced me to Kevin. I was really scared and embarrassed, thinking that I was never going to be able to keep up…I was wrong! In 6 months, I have lost 25 lbs, I am swimming, biking, and walking/jogging. I even did a 5 mile race (and I didn’t come in last!). Kevin has a way of very quietly breaking through the mental limitations I had placed on myself. Not only will I be ready to do the hike in November, but I now see that fitness will be a part of my life in the future. The hardest part has been mental, telling myself “I can’t”. Well, I can, and I’m doing it. I had to admit I couldn’t do it alone. You’ve got to come ready to work, ready to stop making excuses, and Kevin will remove the obstacles.


Lynn Cattafi


I have been training with TriCoach for over a year now, and this is the farthest I have gone on my performance as an athlete! I used to train intensively giving my body no rest nor recovery time.  I would  end up with injuries every year during my toughest part of the training, messing up the most important race of the year.
I really like Kevin’s training programs since he takes into consideration first of all your goals, where your at, your time availability and it simply gives you the basis with those parameters to get the BEST out of YOU as an athlete! Since training with Kevin I have done Timberman, my first half iron man. I qualified in First place for Delaware for the Best of the US Tri series. And just last week did Escape from Alcatraz reaching 9th position from 76 on my age group. For me it is a great accomplishment since my training time is 2 hours a day and Sundays a longer training day. I am looking forward to a full Ironman in Panama City this year and in some near future, Kona, why not?
Thank you Kevin for your tailor made programs and your care for me as an athlete, making sure I am sound and injury free, to give the best of myself on every race!
Marina Simon
Vice President Simon Eye Associates